Bad Keys

Steamy romance and scintillating mystery in one hilarious romp!


Luke Hansen, gentle giant and piano tuner from Minneapolis, is on a mission. He needs to catch the con man who sleazed off to Florida with a treasured piece of Piano Tuners Guild property. But when he tracks the thief down to the Castillo Import Company in Miami, he has no idea what kind of sexy Cuban insanity he’s in for.

Esmeralda Castillo, swimsuit model and aspiring zookeeper, is not going to let some hunky piano man get in her way, not when there are elephants that need saving from unscrupulous ivory dealers. But when she finds herself up to her bikini in cocaine gangsters, drag queens, and alligator catchers, she decides that a smokin’ Minnesotan who can beat the daylights out of all of them just might come in handy.

Esmeralda and Luke soon find themselves in a fight to the death over illegal commodities, family, and honor. But the most dangerous thing they’ll encounter? Love.

Rated R for sex, violence, and Pianos!


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High Strung

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The Golden Chair

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2019 J.B. Curry